Monday, March 6, 2017

Hanging with friends, the human kind

The purpose of this blog isn't to bring anyone down, so I'll make the sad part short (although this news is nothing close to sweet). We found out on Friday that one of our kitties isn't doing well, and she probably won't make it through the year. I am not handling it well at all; my cats are my babies. Anyone who knows me knows how crazy I am about them. Sophie was sleeping all day and I needed some distraction; I got it in the form of a crop with some new friends. My buddy Kelly (KraftinKelly) invited me to a crop near Philly, so I took the drive. It turned out to be a great choice. I had a blast; I laughed so hard that I literally came close to peeing my pants on a few occasions. Let me just say: jelly belly is entirely too good at flavored jelly beans, and you do not want to play BeanBoozled if certain tastes make you sick. I was tasting "vomit" and "rotten fish" jelly belly aftertaste the whole two hour drive home! EW. On the plus side, I woke up Sunday morning and spent an hour and a half loving on my girl, until she did the typical cat thing and got bored with me.

I wasn't super productive at the crop, but I got a few things done. Prepare for a bit of picture overload (fyi, as usual, all images are colored with copics and I was too lazy to note the colors I used). Here goes:

This cutie is called Daisy Fairie Marci, from La La Land Crafts. I think she might be retired now, though. She's for a dear friend who is going through some rough times right now, and I just want her to know that I'm thinking of her. My friend loves fairies and has a fairy garden, so she seemed perfect for her.

Another La La Land image, because I just love them. Also another card for a wonderful friend going through some hard times. Her issues are similar to mine, unfortunately. She has some sick furry babies at home. I wanted to send her some happy mail to give her a paper hug. To keep the La La Land love going:

Now, this one is kind of different than the others, because I tried something new. There's an amazing tutorial on the La La Land blog on how to make this fun rose pattern. So, I downloaded the digi of Lovely Marci (she really is lovely) and gave it a shot. You should try, too! It's so much easier than it looks! Thanks, Debbie, for the awesome tutorial. This was my first time using my new leaf dies from My Favorite Things, too. I love them because you can layer them or use them alone. It's hard to tell from this pic, but the one behind the red rose is popped up for some dimension.

And last but not least:
For this one, the image is Some Odd Girl's Crazy Love Tia. I tried to color her with long blonde hair and my girls are sealpoint siamese. Their tails only get fluffy like that when they're fighting, though. lol.

That's all from me today. I figure I've bugged you enough! I made more card kits and just never finished them at this crop. I was too distracted by new friends, laughter, BeanBoozled, Catchphrase, and yummy food. I figure those are all nice distractions, right?!?