Monday, July 26, 2010

Back to scrapping

So, I'm in a much better place tonight than I was a few nights ago. The moods come and go, which is normal for the grief process. I'm learning to roll with them when they come. Thanks for the continued thoughts and prayers. So, after that last downer of a post, let's get back to the fun scrappy stuff. I went to a crop at Kimi's store and managed to complete five layouts and start a sixth. I wasn't really in a scrappy mood or I might have finished more. Oh, well. I helped one of the other ladies put together some paper robots for her classroom decor. They turned out adorable...we finished 50 of the 125 that she needs. Yowza. That's a lot of robots! It was fun, though, and well worth it to help out a teacher who's shaping the lives of our youth. They don't get appreciated enough, IMO. I also borrowed some stamps from James' personal collection (he was so sweet to share). I colored in a mermaid stamp with my faithful copics, but I've got to get a card made with her yet. Anyhow, here's two of the layouts that I finished at the crop. The first is Sophie, one of our siamese. She has a thing for the gold bows you put on top of presents. She gets super excited about them. It's really cute; she sticks her little tail straight up in the air and twitches it whenever you show her a new one. The second LO is Athena with her daddy. The pics were taken only a few weeks after we brought her home. She was just a tiny little thing; less than 4 pounds. Speaking of my spoiled little babies, Athena is laying on the floor next to my chair, purring away. She's got her belly up to the sky, waiting on some attention. I'd better go answer the call. As always, thanks for looking at my creations!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Some nights just suck

So, this is my first unscrap/uncrafty related post, and mainly just because I feel the need to vent. Some nights just suck. Tonight, I was going through my stack of pictures to figure out which ones I want to scrap at an upcoming crop. This one wallet-sized pic of Rick just fell out onto the floor. I look down and there he is, staring up at me with this big grin on his face. Well, that just did me in. I mean, I guess it's good and it's progress that these rough times aren't coming as frequently anymore. However, when they do hit, they just friggin' suck. They suck! I've got a big project going on at work right now, so hopefully that will provide good distraction for me. In the mean time, though, I have to get through this night. I really, really hate this. Just last weekend, I was feeling good because I did some things on my own, totally independently. Those moments make me think that as awful as this is, I'll get through it. I'll pull through. A totally changed person with part of me forever gone, but I'll just keep on truckin'. Then there's his smile again, and those blue eyes, and the look of happiness with more than a pinch of mischief thrown in. UGGHHHH. Ok, time to head to bed and just cry it out, I guess. Tomorrow is another day, and hopefully, a better one.