Sunday, October 10, 2010

A day to create...yippeee!

So, yeah, I have tons of stuff I could be doing for my house. The painting is done and now the walls are just bare and naked, staring at me in their new glorious colors. I still need to pick the photos that I want to have blown up and hung on my walls downstairs. I need to go back to Target and Hobby Lobby for more white shelves. I need to try to find the photographer whose work I saw last weekend at the Bridge Bust. I fell in love with two of his photos and dummy me didn't buy them there and then. In my defense, the ones I wanted were blown up to poster size and framed, and we really had no room in my cousin's jeep to haul them home. Four women, our luggage, and other goodies we'd purchased took up most of the space. However, I also forgot to grab his card. Darnit! Anyway, I need to hang the huge, heavy mirror that my mom gave me (love that's gorgeous). I need to find some blocks for a decorative accent in my bathroom...In addition to these things, I need to pull down my winter clothes from the attic and put my summer clothes away. Yeah, tons of stuff that I could and should be doing today. However, the only thing I plan to do is clean the bathroom. I cleaned all day yesterday, making my downstairs and bedroom much more liveable and pretty. Today, all I want to do is hang out in my scrap room for a bit, and maybe read a little. I've already made a few cards today, but now my energy has deserted me and I'm going to go read. Before I go, though, I wanted to share some cards that I recently made for Doris.

Doris is the owner of this wonderful B&B where we stayed last weekend. Her place is called the Victorian Rose and it's located in Mt Joy, PA. Beautiful area, beautiful home, lovely place overall. As a thank you to Doris, I'm making her some Christmas cards to give out this year. Guylou's images were perfect for paper piecing and maybe a bit unconventional for traditional Christmas cards, which is why I chose to use them. Here's the set I completed:

You can find all of the images at her store (see link on my sidebar, because I still can't seem to get blogger to insert links into my posts. What a PITA).

As always, thanks for reading my long ramblings. I'm a chatterbox both in real life and on the internet! LOL.


Brenda said...

Gina, these cards turned out beautiful. Love them!!

Guylou said...

You are such an inspiration!! Love those cards!!!