Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Four ladies, thank goodness no funeral

...but it sure felt like there might be one when our balloon pilot decided that we needed to view the world from 10,000 feet. Um...yeah. I am afraid of heights. Did I mention that? I really enjoyed our hot air balloon flight on Memorial Day weekend, but that pilot kept us no higher than 750 feet, which felt more like ten. When you don't have anything to visually anchor you to the ground, your perception of height is way off. This rule falls away when you are ten thousand friggin' feet in the air, though, and everything looks like ants, your toes are freezing, and the cloud cover is riding at your height. Ok, okay, so it was cool. For a bit. Then we could have gone down and seen some of the sights a bit closer to the ground. We did that eventually. Overall, although I sound like a whining, complaining sissy right about now, I'm glad we did it. It was cool to have a different experience than we had on our first flight. It's good to try new things. And land safely.

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Brenda said...

YOu are so stinkin brave!! Love the picture!