Thursday, April 19, 2012

My heart beats like mushy mush mush

That is pretty much my heart right about now. It's all twitterpated over this adorable thing my friend's kid said today. Kim and I have been friends for 28 years, since the first day of 7th grade. Naturally, when she had her son five years ago, I was visiting him in the hospital and bonding with my new buddy. Well, he's five now. For his fifth birthday last month, I got him a Sonic the Hedgehog Racing Game. He's been taking it over to his Poppy's house to play on a regular basis. Today, as he was getting out of the truck in preparation for running into Poppy's house, his daddy heard him say, "God, please tell Gina thank you for getting me the sonic racing game." Seriously, how cute is that?!? What are some cute things you've heard a kid say lately? What made your heart dissolve into mush?


Diana Joy said...

oh that is so heart would melt also. My Granddaughter (just two) puts her arms in the air (when she wants me to hold her and says "Grammy, I hold you." ahhhhhhhhh

Mary Lou said...

Hi Gina stopped by to Thank You for your sweet comments---I so appreciate You!!! Lovely story--God Is Good!!!!!!!