Saturday, May 5, 2012

What a day...

First off, thanks to all of you who played along with the blog hop for Guylou's Inimitability! Your comments made me smile. G will be announcing the winners before too long, I'm sure. Secondly, I had a very productive scrapping day, courtesy of the challenges over at I haven't completed a layout since January. Given that I used to make more than 50 pages per year, you could say that I was a bit behind for 2012. Well, their challenges got me back in gear. Mind you, I am still WAY behind, but that's okay. I'm cutting myself lots of slack right now. Here's what I finished today:

This one's just a quick LO about our trip to the pirate themed miniature golf course back in May of 2010. I am going to eventually add something to the bottom right corner; maybe a colored stamped image. I've got some pirate stamps around here somewhere.

For those of you who haven't met him yet, this little guy is Abie. He came to live with us (me and my other two siamese) back in November. He's a flamepoint siamese and he is VERY vocal. I thought Athena was a chatterbox. He's got her beat by a mile.

Still with me? I know, this is another run-on post! Sorry about that. Well, not really, because if I was really sorry, I'd shut up. Anyway, this LO is about Colonial Williamsburg. My late husband and I made so many memories there and had hoped to move there at one point. That didn't work out, but every time I visit, I always feel very connected to him because it was such a special place for us. This is just a LO about how I feel like Williamsburg is home because of that.

Alright. Last one. I promise. My brother-in-law is so special to me. I have pretty much adopted him as my baby brother, so now I have two younger brothers. Anyway, his girlfriend is amazing. She's such a good person, and this LO is just about how happy I am for him that he's found her. Speaking of them, they could use some prayers and positive thoughts right now. They are sitting in the ER, waiting on a plastic surgeon. My BIL got bit by a dog today. I'd be at the ER myself, playing mother hen, if it wasn't for the fact that I want to respect his girlfriend and her right to be the one to take care of him right now. So, I'm stuck at home, unable to sleep or focus on much of anything while I wait to hear how things are going. I'm hoping that the plastic surgeon is a good one and can minimize any scarring. Our family appreciates any prayers you can send on up. Thank you!


Roxann said...

I love these layouts, Gina! I actually scrapped a layout this weekend! I am so far behind!

Guylou Beland said...

Wow!! You have been busy!! All your LOs are beautiful!!! I wish I could journal like that!!
I will keep your family in prayers fo sho!!

Vicky said...

These are all fantastic hun I've never yet done a scrapbook page altho I'm really wanting to as soon as I find a bit of time. I'm gonna try this smash book scrapping first lol.
Hope your BIL is ok sending lots of positive thoughts shug.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx