Thursday, June 7, 2012

Just a few layouts

I went to the crop at my aunt's house last Saturday. I couldn't seem to get in scrappy mode to pack for it, so I just tossed a bunch of stuff in my Creative Memories cart (love that thing!). I didn't get much crafty stuff done in the nine hours I was there: 3 layouts, started a fourth, and colored 3 images. However, I did laugh so hard I almost peed my pants, drank a few strawberry margaritas, had a yummy crabcake dinner, and visited with family. I played with my cousin's Cricut, apparently tried to break it, and then ran away like it wasn't me. Oh, wait. It wasn't me. It was my other cousin who cut so much the blade got dull and the sticky on the mat went kaput. Ha! For once, it was not my fault. Oh yeah, and in the midst of all of that, I got hit on twice: once while in traffic on the way to her house and once at the Petco on the way home. My aunt's response to that? "Well, you're an attractive young lady and the men in this county are perverts." Too funny! I think I liked being called young even more than being called attractive. Not so sure what I think about the idea that it's perverts hitting on me, but I'll ignore that part.

Here's what I finished:
This one is about the Steiff, Hermann and artist animals I brought home from my trip to Germany last year. Note the use of my tag that I made for Guylou's last challenge. I knew I'd fit that thing on something!

 The above is my brother-in-law's first Easter, and this one is the pictures taken when I finally met my online friend Sara in person. Not one picture turned out well, but I still treasure them because they represent our first official "meeting". Love that girl!

 And here's the scrapping girls from that Saturday. My cousins Kim and Tina, my Aunt Connie, and goofball me (also pictured below after I'd already downed my first yummy margarita!). Now if I could just find the time and mojo to scrap some more. I would love to make some cards for Operation Write Home, plus I've got birthdays coming up this summer that need cards. Instead, I'm headed to the movies with my mom, my brother, and two of his kids to see "Men in Black 3". Maybe the movie will inspire me to use some of my cute alien stamps....


Trina said...

It weren't for perverts, I don't know that I'd ever get hit on! And there's nothing wrong with hanging out! I mean, how many pages should one person make in a day anyway? ;D Glad you had a good time and got some use out of your tag! (it says "not the use..." just so you know.)

Kim Kelley said...

There are each so them. Yum-o on the strawberry margs and way cool on getting hit on! Always makes your day! So happy you had fun with Sara! hugs

Tracy S said...

first off now I am craving Thanks! I guess I will settle for a lime beer instead.

Love all the LO's. I think it is great that you were able to use the tag you made on the first one...

Love the out take pics of you and Sara.. What a cool LO! I love when people scrap pics that are not all perfect and posed. That is what scrapping is all about.
Speaking of which.. I need to be doing some of that again. You are inspiring me.

Oh and your cousin? That is directly across from you in that pic looks totally like a blonde version of you!