Tuesday, September 18, 2012

For Eli and his new family

My friends Tiffani and Dave have been trying to adopt their son, Eli, for months and months. It's a long, drawn out story full of hope, disappointment, love, fear, and determination. Right now, Eli is stuck in Africa due to some government upheaval and policy changes. He is growing up in an orphanage, just waiting for the day when his parents can come pick him up and bring him home with them.

The adoption costs are astronomical, but well worth it. A bunch of us got together to provide a gift to help offset some of the costs, and I was asked to decorate the envelope. Eli's mom loves elephants. They are decorating his room in blue and brown, with baby elephants here and there. This image from Mo Manning has been hiding away in my files, literally just waiting for the chance to get on a card for my friends. I added the image to my collection specifically for them, knowing there would come a time that I'd use it, and here it is!

I only used part of the image because I like how he looks peeking up from the bottom of the envelope. I printed him directly on the envelope. Then I colored him with watercolor pencils that I didn't blend overly much because the envelope wasn't doing too well at holding the printer ink without smearing it. There's a hint of pink in his ears that didn't show up in the pic, but it's there. I gave him little freckles with a journaling pen, because, well, I have a thing for freckles. I added some buttons and a little house, since this gift goes towards the fund to bring Eli home. She's probably going to laugh at me for all of this effort on an envelope, but oh, well. She can put it in his baby book and use it to hold special notes or locks of hair, or whatever she chooses.

Now it's time to watch "The Voice." I am so addicted to that show, and it sure as heck doesn't hurt to see the hotness that is Adam Levine, either. Goodnight and as always, thanks for coming by!


Kim Kelley said...

AWWW So sweet Gina. Sending good thoughts and prayers for them! HUGS

Sara I. said...

Love that he's peeking out, too - so cute with the heart buttons and little house, too!! The doodling is perfect for this! Lots of prayers that they get to hold their bundle of joy soon ~hugs

Tracy S said...

That is so awesome of you guys to help out with the adoption costs. What a sad story.. I hope the family is united soon and they can get all the craziness behind them. :( I love the way you decorated the envie... So creative girl.

Also, how is the voice this year? I have yet to watch it this time. I keep forgetting it is on. Any awesome talent?