Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another Easter card

So, I went from being slap happy and silly to just plain tired. LOL. I have no wit or silliness left tonight, so all I've got for a title is just plain old boring. I am trying to get my Easter cards done. I have four more to make before Friday. That wouldn't seem so bad if I didn't have a ton of other stuff to do, too. Thank goodness for Hallmark. That's my back-up plan!

Anyway, this card is for my grandmother. If you're a regular reader of my blog, you know that she loves purple. For Christmas, I made her a calendar using this line of paper. I still had some scraps left over, so I tossed them onto this card. The flower is attached to the striped tag, which pulls out to reveal a note. The flower looks blue in the pic, but it is actually purple. I got the lace at an antique store, in a basket full of odds and ends.

I haven't made a card without stamping in a while. I keep wanting to add an image to this card. Old habits die hard!


Starla B. said...

Gina, this card is absolutely LOVELY!! I'm sure your grandma is going to love it!!!

Brenda said...

Very pretty. Love that gorgeous paper, that ribbon, that lace and those flowers! Gorgeous!!