Saturday, February 11, 2012

How about some cheese with that whine?

I'm feeling a bit whiny today. My cats are acting like idiots, hissing and growling at each other. My abs hurt from my workout class last night. I'm hungry, but there's nothing I want to eat in my house. I rented movies from the RedBox last night but now I don't feel like watching them. You know, typical poor-pitiful-me, I'm just a whiner because there's nothing seriously wrong whining. (and yes, I realize that many, many people have it worse today. I just feel whiny!). I don't feel sad or depressed, just whiny. My intention for this weekend was to make a ton of Mother's Day cards for Operation Write Home. It seems way too early to make Mom's Day cards, but I understand why they need them now. They've got to get organized and shipped, and it takes a while for stuff to make it to our troops sometimes. I just can't get into the groove of making them this early, so that's yet another whine. Mr. Mojo took a flying leap off a building today, or maybe he took a vacation to Hawaii, I don't know. He's not here, though. Another whine. I decided to power through his absence and my mood to make a few cards, anyway. My cousin spoiled me for Christmas and got me the Grand Calibur and labels 1. I used a coupon and got Labels 4, too. Although I unwrapped this fabulous gift about two weeks ago, I finally got the chance to pull out the machine and play with it today. I wanted to make a shaped card. My friend Brenda is the queen of shaped cards. In fact, it's her fault that even had the Grand Calibur on my Amazon wishlist. She really inspired me with her cards. You can check out her work HERE.

I colored tons of images over the last year or so. Some of them have just been sitting there, waiting to get slapped onto a card. This was one of them. Even though she is one of my favorite Elisabeth Bell images, it took me a while to get her placed on a card this time around.
I wanted to add flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts, but refrained since this card is for OWH. When the cards are too thick, they can't fit as many in the box that goes to the base, so I try to refrain from using overly thick embellies. That is very hard for me, and it caused me to discover that I don't have many flatter embellies in my stash!

The image is kind of cold weather-ish, with her heavy sweater and long pants, but since Mom's Day is in the spring, that wouldn't work. So, I used floral paper and butterflies to invoke warmer weather thoughts.  I used a butterfly punch, a half of a doily, and some pearls to fill up some empty areas. The colors are actually a light peach and sage green, but for some reason, it looks more orange. This card opens twice. The shaped area opens to reveal a note for the soldier's mom, like this:

And then the rectangular background opens to form a blank area for him/her to write a letter to mom. I made another card shortly after this one. Maybe I'll get up the energy to show you that one later. For now, I think I'm going to go chill out for a bit and see if I can shake this mood. Maybe I'll have some cheese and crackers. It would suit my whine. As always, thanks for stopping by. Hopefully, I won't be acting like such a spoiled brat the next time you come for a visit.


Kim Kelley said...

It's gorgeous Miss Gina! I love my grand caliber but alas have not made that many shaped cards with it. I need more dies! LOL You did a wonderful job with the coloring per your usual! And hey it is most definitly ok to be whiny once in awhile! I'm usually just pissy! HUGS!!

Julie P said...

Very pretty, I love the shape of your card
Hugs Julie P

Jennifer Scull said...

what a great card!
just got your message on my blog about the flying monkeys... I am so laughing over here! ;) you are right, Krista would do them up right, but boy oh boy they had better have big cute smiles on their faces! tee hee!

sorry to hear you had this ick, too. it's finally starting to go away. hooray! crafty time again! :)

Tracy S said...

Great card, Gina. I realized with this card that I do not use peach nearly enough. lol
Love what you did with the labels 1 and the embossing on this.Very pretty card.

*Vicki* said...

AWW!! What a really sweet creation hun!! Love the pretty colors!! HUGS :)