Friday, February 24, 2012

Stay tuned for a RAK of HUGE proportions!

Hey, all of you bloggers out there! It's coming up on my 40th birthday (gasp!). For some reason, I didn't have any issues with 30, but 40 is freaking me the heck out. I am trying to focus on the positive though, like my recent lifestyle changes to get healthier, my financial independence, upcoming trips, and my awesome friends and family. In fact, the generosity for my birthday has already started. My birthday is not until March 14th, but my cousin is already planning on taking me snow tubing over the weekend of the 17th. Another friend and I are going to NYC in April to celebrate both of our birthdays, and she has done a large portion of the planning (that's a bigger gift to me than I can express, let me tell you). Another friend just bought me the 12 new copics! Still others are just entertaining me and trying to convince me that 40 is not the halfway mark of my life and I am not old.

Anyway, with all of that generosity flying towards me, I figure I'll pay some of it forward. So, I'm putting together a RAK for my birthday. I'm trying to include a bunch of my favorite crafty things, and maybe some not-so-crafty fun stuff, too. So far, the RAK includes:
lots of ribbon and twine
a spellbinders nestabilities die set (lacey squares, I think it's called)
a Ching Chou Kiuk stamp
a Tim Holtz movers and shapers die (birdcage and bird)

I plan to add lots of other stuff, too. In fact, I'm going to keep adding to it until March 1st, which is when I will post it here on my blog with a description and picture(s). I'll make it easy to win, too. All you'll have to do is post a comment to the RAK post and put a pic of it in your sidebar, linking back to my blog. You don't even have to become a follower, because I only want you to follow me if you like my work, not just to win goodies. So, stay tuned for my RAK post on March 1st!!! You'll have from March 1st til the 14th, to enter!


Kim Kelley said...

WOW the big 4-0...I will be 41 this year and I know what you was harder than any other age for me as well. It gets eaisier the day after your b-day! :)

Tracy S said...

YAY, Your RAKS are always the best! I can't wait. I guess I better learn how to link thinks to my sidebar by

I have to admit, I have been trying to come up with ideas for your birthday and it has stumped me. I have no clue what you have craft wise. Probably anything I would think of buying What do you buy the person that has everything?
Do tell!!