Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's a boy thing, sort of.

I'm a girlie-girl. I admit it. I hate getting dirty. I'm a nationally certified firefighter, but only did it because I thought I had to in order to keep my EMT certification. I was the first one to rush home and shower after the drills. You could sometimes catch me in the bathroom, trying to scrub the soot off before we even went back to the station. Yucky stuff, that soot. As a gag gift one year, the guys got me some washcloths. Yeah, I don't like dirt. I don't like to garden. Too much dirt. You get the picture. So, when the Elphine House blog posted their latest challenge and called it "It's a boy thing," well, I was not so sure about how I'd handle that. Then I saw that it's just a color challenge, to use the boyish combo of green and blue. Hey, I like color! I can do that! I even intended to use one of Elisabeth Bell's boy images. I really did. I promise, I have a few. However, I already had this little girl colored. She's one of my older Elisabeth Bell stamps, and I'm not even sure where she came from. Whiff of Joy, maybe? Something just made me want to get her down onto a card. She's just so precious. Check her out:
She's cute, huh? I colored her ages ago. I mean, AGES, probably 1-2 years ago! As for the rest of the card, the papers and flowers are K&Co, the sentiment is Stampin' Up, and the lace is from the Dollar Tree. The background paper looks yellowish in this pic, but it's actually lime green. I'm going to enter this card in the Elphine House challenge, then send it on to a dear friend who is going through some scary health issues right now. As always, thanks for stopping by!


Starla B. said...

Oh, I am so totally with you on the dirt thing. Ick. LOL LOVE the card. Gorgeous flowers,and my favorite kind. Paper. =D Absolutely lovely coloring...the little blush is just perfect. Great job, hon!

Cheryl First said...

She's really cute! I hear you about not liking dirt. I hate it. Somehow I manage to deal with it, though, having three dogs that drag it in the house, and an eighteen year-old boy that is definitely less than clean! lol! Crazy what we put up with, isn't it?!

Roxann said...

Gorgeous card, Gina! I have this stamp, too! Thanks for the welcome!

Tracy S said...

Totally cute! I was like you are when I was a kid. My mom said I would cry anytime I had any kind of dirty on me. lol .... now I love to garden and stuff, so I guess it wore off a bit.

I love this card...especially that awesome crocheted looking lace.