Thursday, March 15, 2012

We're getting monochromatic over at Guylou's!

Yes, I said that bad word, "monochromatic." I admit, I have a really hard time with sticking to one main color and its various shades. I love the look of a monochromatic card. I just think they look so cool. However, I have the hardest time with them. Trina decided that's why it's called a "challenge" and that we need to be challenged to do monochromatic. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Good thing I love Trina. She's a great teamie and so much fun. Otherwise, I might have been throwing things and cursing while trying to make this card. LOL. Trina, girl, you know I kid. Maybe.

So, anyway. Here's my card:
My card has lots and lots and lots of blue. I had to add a pop of red and yellow to the image. I just couldn't take all of the blue! This little guy is Chuck. He usually has a flag in his left hand, but I removed it this time around to make the image fit the space better. He has lots of blinginess, although it's hard to tell in the pic. The sentiment and doodling are done in a navy blue stardust pen. The sparkler has silver stardust on it. The star stickers have glitter embedded in them. All of the stars are very happy, wouldn't you say? I sure hope so, because I sent this card to a young boy who is in the hospital and awaiting a heart transplant.

Challenge details: Make a monochromatic project and post it to Guylou's Inimitability by March 29th. That's it! Easy peasy, right? If you use one of G's images, your entry counts twice.

To top it off, I'm giving away an additional $10 gift certificate to G's store to one lucky winner! I'll draw a winner at the end of the challenge. What are you waiting for? Pick a color and GO!


Kim Kelley said...

You crack me up! I feel the same about monochromatic! But you rocked it Miss Gina! HUGS

Tracy S said...

looks like the team struggled with this challenge across the board. I could not tell by the creations though. You nailed it! I am in love with all the stars and polka dots. I just know this card made that little boy's day!

Trina said...

Oh! So I need to add Kim to the beating list, too, huh? :D Yeah, I saw what you had to say on Tracy's blog... You're on the list! :D

ANYWAY, I think your card is perfect and very cheery. I know the boy you sent it to will LOVE it!

Chana said...

This is a great card for a great purpose! The stars and polka dots are a great mix. Nicely done.


Trina said...

You already know about that list you're on... ;D

Anyway, I love all the energy your card has from the papers you chose! Plus. You made my buddy Chuck look great!

Guylou Beland said...

You did totally awesome on the challenge and I know it was a challenge!! Love all the stars and how you altered Chuck. He looks like he is giving us the thumb up!!

*Vicki* said...

Hi Gina!! This is really adorable!! Love the blues with the stars!! So fun!! HUGS :)