Thursday, October 11, 2012

Throwback to warmer weather

The cold is creeping in and I gotta admit, I'm not loving it so far this year. I think it's because the weather can't seem to make up its mind. 40-something degrees one day, 70 the next. I can't handle it. I'm staging a protest and refusing to get my winter clothes down from the attic. Yeah, this means I'm wearing what few long-sleeved items I left out at the end of the last cold season. Over and over. I didn't say my protest was without sacrifice. In this case, I must look like I never do my laundry. Don't get all grossed out...I do wash them in between wearing them! It's just that I wear them entirely too many times!

Anyway, I went to a crop over the weekend and colored some images. Most of them were wintry ones, in preparation for making my Christmas cards (see my GI post two down for an example). However, in accordance with my protest, I also colored a few more pastel, warm weather images. Here's one of them:

Isn't she gorgeous? She's from Sweet Pea stamps, illustrated by Connie Fong. I colored her with my handy dandy copics, added tons of glossy accents, bling, and liquid pearls, and then finally put her sassy, pretty little self on a card tonight. Here's the card:

I used lots of goodies on it, as is my usual tendency. I just kept adding and adding until it looked done. There's silk roses from Walmart, paper roses from Wild Orchid Crafts, buttons shaped like seashells, lace, gold ribbon, cheesecloth, and even a little gold clock. Heaven only knows where I got that little clock; it was just calling to me from my stash, insisting it needed to sit in the corner. Maybe I was thinking of the clock in the Titanic movie. Who knows? I don't think there were any mermaids with seafoam green hair and sparkly pink tails in that movie, though....
Coming back in a few days later to edit because I happened to (finally) find my notes on colors used:
skin: e00, e000, r11
hair: bg15, bg13, bg11
fins: r85, rv11, rv000
pebbles: e42, e57, bv13, yr82, b04
water background: b00, b000


Sara I. said...

This is simply amazing Gina. I absolutely love her tail - it came out gorgeous! The roses, seashells and starfish are perfect and love the soft, sweet color palette. Beautifully done! Rob says wow, too :) xx

Guylou Beland said...

Wow!!! Gorgeous!!! What a wonderful image!!! The card is absolutely perfect!!! Love it!

Trina said...

Gorgeous! I love the shell embellishments, and your coloring looks amazing! I need to find myself a crop to go get some cards done. There's something about all that creative energy that makes me actually make things rather than sit...