Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sketch to the rescue again

Once again, I am rescued by a sketch. I colored this adorable little image from Sugar Nellie months ago. Yes, really, MONTHS. Like, sometime in July or August. Anyway, he's called "Worried." Doesn't he look so sad, hugging his friend the teddy bear? He just makes me want to go find him and hug his little self. I think this image is great for any kind of card conveying sadness and/or disappointment, such as "I'm Sorry" or "Get Well" or even just "Cheer Up" cards. In this case, I chose to use him for an "I Miss You" card. I've been missing my friend Bernadette lately. She's on my mind a lot right now, because this is a difficult time of year for her. I saw the sketch over at and it seemed perfect to showcase this cutie. It was like kismet or something, because the requirement was to use a Sugar Nellie image and I found the sketch on a Sugar Nellie challenge blog without even intending to look there...I was flipping through all of my blogs on my dashboard and there it was! Anyhow, I distressed and inked the edges. I'll shut up now and show him off. Here you go:

And unfortunately, I cannot add the disclaimer that no animals were harmed in the making of this product. My cat Sophie loves to sit at my feet when I am at my craft table. Usually, she rubs up against my legs to make her presence known, and occasionally jumps on my lap or the table because her curiousity cannot be contained. Well, this time, she decided to act like a stealth fighter and creep up on me. I didn't know she was there, and I pushed my chair back to get up. I caught one of her little paws under the wheel of the chair and she cried out. Poor little baby. She seems to be fine, though. No limping, no tenderness (she let me squeeze her paw and kiss it), and she's running around even now, chasing her sister, Athena. Since she really seems okay, I only feel a smidgen of guilt, rather than the huge wave that could have crashed on me if she was seriously hurt. I know siamese are supposed to be vocal cats, but I can assure you that they're pretty darned quiet when they want to be. I never saw her coming. Sheesh.


~ Ali ~ said...

Isn't he just adorable!! what a great card love the little charm. Hope your puddy cat is ok....

Thanks for playing in The Sugar Bowl

Hugs Ali
Sugar Bowl Sweetie

Tracy S said...

I LOVE the card. so very cute. I love all the distressing you did on it. ALso really love your shading on the bear.

I had to laugh about poor Sophie only because I have done that to Giz so many times. For some reason he just never learns not to sit that close to my I guess they want t o be near us more.

Pat said...

OOoohhhh...what a darling card!Your coloring is simply delicious!! I love the cute little bear charm!!! Thanks so much for playing in the Sugar Bowl of luck!!
Pat Frank

Tracy S said...