Sunday, March 6, 2011

Elisabeth Bell and Whiff of Joy and yumminess

So, for my birthday, I treated myself to Whiff of Joy's kit club. I am so stoked to know that I will have four kits of Elisabeth Bell images coming to me over the course of the next 12 months. How exciting is that??? And the fact that they only bill each installment as the kit is sent out makes it rather afforable. It's definitely a good deal. Ordering this way gives you not only bunches of awesome stamps, but also 11% off of each kit, plus a 20% off coupon to the Whiff of Joy store. And I think it's super fun that the kits are a secret. I won't have any idea what images I'm getting until the kit arrives. It's a surprise! It's like having another birthday every three months. How cool is that??? If you're interested, check out Katharina's blog, where she gives you some links to order. Hurry up, though. I think your last chance to sign up ends this month. Here's a sneak peek of the summer kit. I am in love with this little cutie and her glasses already! If you can't afford the kit club (I mean, that'd be the only reason not to get it, right?), but maybe you have some dough set aside from your tax return and want just one kit, you can preorder the summer kit now.
Oh, and if you're interested in getting an Elisabeth Bell image for free, don't forget to check out my combination birthday and blogaversary RAK, to be drawn on March 14th. The sticky at the top of my blog has the link!


Brenda said...

How fun!!! I am so glad that you are treating yourself. You are right that little gal with the glasses is darling!

Charlene said...

Well congratulations on your "12 month celebration" birthday present. Sounds like a good one!

Sara I. said...

What an awesome birthday present for yourself -its the gift that keeps on givin' :) Seriously can't wait to see what you do with that little cutie! Gotta love EB!