Tuesday, March 8, 2011

That Star chick is silly...I mean, sweet. Yeah, yeah, that too!

So my pal Starla decided I needed an award. How did she know I have been a cranker all day today? Totally off topic, but isn't "cranker" an interesting word? I picked it up from my friend, Danni. Basically, I'm being a witch today. I'm just so tired, which makes me cranky. Good thing my coworkers only have to deal with me for another half hour. In all honesty, I've been trying to hide from most of them today, for two reasons: 1) their safety; and 2) to preserve their view of me as a nice person. LOL!

Anywho, Star made me smile for a little while, just by giving me a blog award. Now, she said I had to pass it on to five other people. There's a few stipulations in there, including that they had to be people who are so deserving of one of those huge follower databases (you know the ones...people who have thousands of followers) and yet don't have a ton of followers just yet. I think all of these blogs are fantabulous and that the reason they don't have the gazillions of followers yet is because maybe you haven't seen them. Heck, since I don't have a ton of followers, maybe you still won't see them here on my blog, but I'm trying! Without further ado, here's my list. I tried to pick people that Star hadn't snagged already. She always has to try to be first. Man, what's up with that? (Love ya, Star, and you know I'm kiddin').


Go ahead, click on their names to see their blogs, and follow them, if you aren't already. I promise, it's worth it!

Oh, yeah, the other stipulation...I have to post the award. So, here it is:

Now, if my five friends want to accept the award, they just have to do the same...pick five people with less than 200 followers (the original award said 150. I changed it because I hate following rules) and send them an award!


Starla B. said...

Mwah, Gina!! LOL! The one given to me didn't have a number limit...the one given to Lyn said 3,000!! Ha! I just picked 100 as my own arbitrary number. You deserve it chica!

Brenda said...

LOL, you are too funny Gina, what on earth is Liebster!!??

Trina said...

Sorry you were having a flying monkeys kind of day! Hope you're feeling better... I'll get this up before this week is out... Thank you, hon! :D

OnlyAmanda said...

Thank You :) for my first Blog Award!! The only blogs I know are the digiscrap blogs and they probably have way more than 200 followers so I guess I will be off hunting for some blogs :)

I don't have many followers because I haven't really got my blog going much yet. Once I get some card stock and doing that kind of stuff I will be able to get it going more! I am hoping by next month lol. Depends on Ryan's results though.
I hope You have a wonderful birthday my friend!! I love the bear...it is a great idea! I collect them too!

Trina said...

Okay, so I'm kinda behind. I'm putting this up now with a directive that folks should visit you. You should SO have a ton more followers!!