Thursday, February 17, 2011

Anything goes. Yep, anything. Really.

It’s time for another challenge at Guylou’s Inimitability! I know you’re up for another one. Come on, play along. It’s super easy this time, because you get to pick what you want to do. That’s right…you’re in control... it's an "Anything Goes" challenge. All you have to do is make a project and link it over at the Guylou’s Inimitability blog. Not hard, right? And if you use one of her images, you get more chances to win!

On a side note, we’ve had a few people recently who didn’t follow the challenge rules. They’re listed on the blog, so give them a quick read-through before posting your project, k?

This time around, G’s DT got to play with either Phillip or Molly. I chose Phillip. I like his cake. I imagine that it’s full of yummy chocolate goodness on the inside. Darnit. Now I’m craving cake.

Anyway, Phillip told me that he wasn’t in the mood to grace a card. He decided he wanted to be on a recipe page instead. A couple of years ago, some friends and I put together a recipe book for each other (basically, we each made two pages for everyone and had a great big swap. Fun!). Phillip is going to go into my recipe book from that swap.

Phillip also knows I don’t cook, because I pretty much don’t make a secret of that fact (or many other things, for that matter). My friend Danni is often talking about this ice cream cake she makes with ice cream sandwiches. No baking involved, just lots of ice cream and other yummies, all layered together and frozen. Yummmm! Check it out:
This blog post gets super long if I type out the recipe, too. Let's face it, I'm just lazy. Blogger ate my post once already, and I really don't feel like retyping the recipe again. You can click on the picture and it should get big enough to read. I hope.

Anyhow, your project is due by March 3rd, 10:00 pm EST at Guylou's Inimitability. Go ahead, give it a shot! It's anything goes!!!


Trina said...

How smart to put him on a recipe card! As a chocolate fiend, I'm squinting at the monitor to read the recipe! Not that I can't click it to make it larger, but then I'll really know the recipe and be even more interested in putting this together over the weekend! LOVE IT!

Guylou said...

LOL!!! You always make me laugh!! I absolutely love the idea of using Phillip for a recipe card! You cropped him perfectly and that recipe looooooks delish!

Brenda said...

Too funny, I almost did this myself, but that would require me to take the time to print out a recipe. I really did wake up in the middle of the night and go, "put Molly on a recipe card", but in the morning thought about all that involved!! LOL, good for You. I love this! I love the design and I always love reading your blog.

Kim Kelley said... are a riot! Love the fact that you did a recipe card. AND STOP TALKING ABOUT CAKE!! LOL Love me some cake myself! Anyhoo great job and I will have to try this recipe!

Anita said...

Orea sandwich ice cream cake, you say? SOLD! LOL Your project is adorable! :)

Carmen said...

I like the recepi idea! And I think it's yummie to! Very nice card.

Tracy S said...

mmm this sounds good. It would be a nice variation on the ice cream sandwich ice cream cake that I make every year. I love them because you just throw them together and let them do their I never knew Danni had a recipe for one too! Score.
This is awesome and I love that you used him to make a recipe page. I need to make more of these for my book too.

Sara I. said...

You have such a way with words dear Gina - I love your posts!!! Btw, that recipe sounds super yummy and your recipe card is adorable!!! Philip works perfectly for this idea ! I've always wanted to do that recipe swap thing, too - sounds fun. Anyway, I love the bright colors and paper choices Gina - all around divine!