Thursday, February 3, 2011

Have a heart!

Oh, wait, I mean "I {heart} you." Yeah, that's the name of this challenge. I'll get it right eventually. As for having a heart, well, I know, I know. We hear it all of the time. Do this or do that to stay healthy. Sometimes, I feel like I am getting smacked over the head with all of this information, so it’s fun to be the one doing the smacking for once! LOL. Seriously, February is Heart Month. We all know that without that awesome heart muscle, we wouldn’t be around to share in our lives with our friends and family. Keep your heart healthy! Some of the ways to do that are:

Don’t smoke and if you are a smoker, quit!

Exercise. This doesn’t have to mean joining a gym. Take a daily walk around your neighborhood. Go up and down flights of stairs a few times, rather than taking the elevator. You get the gist.

Keep your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar under control.

Eat less fat. Darnit, that’s a hard one.

Reduce your stress level (this one always makes me laugh because I don’t always have that much control here! I’m a drama queen, you know?)

Visit your doctor regularly and listen to the man (or woman!).

Ok, you have been sufficiently lectured now, so we can get on to the fun stuff. Hey, cut me some slack, wouldja? I’m not a mom, so I’ve got to lecture someone! Otherwise, that need just festers and I release some flying monkeys on a poor, unsuspecting neighbor kid. Well, more likely, some idiot on the expressway who got his license from a crackerjack box.

I’m getting to it! What you need to do is make any project using a heart and submit it over at Guylou’s Inimitability by February 17. For you people who are always late with your cards, this counts you in by giving you a few days past Valentine’s Day. Guylou rocks, right?

So, what do you get by playing along with this oh-so-easy challenge? Guylou will draw a random winner, who will win the digistamp of his or her choice, as well as the opportunity to be a Guest Designer on an upcoming challenge. As a guest DT, you’ll get another free digistamp, too.

I used G's image called "love seat" to make my card. Although I've given away a huge hoard of stickers, I still have a few sitting around. I decided to make use of them on this card.

I added a cute little Tilda from Magnolia stamp company, paper pieced the loveseat, and used my heart punch to make a border going across the top. A fairly simple card, but it makes me think of being a kid and hanging out at the neighbor lady's house after school. She was this super sweet elderly lady who was lonely and loved the company we neighbor kids provided. We loved her, and not only because she gave us candy. She gave us candy AND listened to us ramble about our day. It kept us coming back. Smart woman.


Brenda said...

LOL Gina, your posts always crack me up!! I love it. I love your card. I love how you paper pieced it and added those bears!! Love, love, or should I say Heart it!!

Trina said...

I don't know if they even let kids hang out at neighbors' houses anymore! :D

Your card is so sweet! (Am I completely silly? That little teddy on the floor reminds me of a kid throwing a fit!)

Me said...

Such a cute card.

Tracy S said...

This is so darlin and charming.. I was totally thinking a little girl hanging out at gramma's after school. Love what you did with the stickers, totally made the scene,LOVE it!

Starla B. said...

Gina, I love your card! Those little bears are so cute!! I love the paper piecing you did with the couch...fabulout! Hugs!!

Kim Kelley said...

Miss Tilda is popular! I love the paper..LINEN CLOSET is one of my favs! I love the fact that you added the animals! Love the card!

Mary J said...

Oh what a fun fun card, Gina! I've really enjoyed browsing and reading your blog!

dale said...

Gina...I just can't decide which I love more...your mad scrap talent or your writing talent. I would definitely buy your book!! LOL I guess instead i will just tell you how much I love this card. Love the whimsy feel the teddys and kitty adds to your card. Awesome coloring too!

Scrapmumur said...

Your cardis very pretty, Gina!
Thank you for your so nice comments in my project for WOJ.
Hugs, Murielle

Sara I. said...

Your card brought me home to my childhood, too - love the paper you used for the couch and that super sweet lacy heart punch. I love that teddy on the floor -he looks like he's had his share of candy ;) Awesome card, Gina!

Carmen said...

I like the chair. And the sentiment is so sweet! Lovely combination.

Guylou said...

This is a homy feeling about your card. I can just imagine Gabby sitting on this love seat just like Tilda with all her toys around her. That's how it should be, you really capture this on your card and the sentiment is perfect!! Beautiful card!