Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Birthday to a couple of amazing friends!

I've been waiting anxiously for my friends Terri and Danni to get their bday cards in the mail so that I could post them here. I met both of them online several years ago, on It all started with Danni and her crazy but adorable dog. Being an animal lover, I had to go ga-ga over all of the pictures she posted of him. Then we got to chatting and she invited me to join this online group of friends. The group was so welcoming. Terri is one of them. I went to visit her in Montreal last summer and had a blast. I am so grateful for this group of ladies. Danni makes me smile with her opinions and her total lack of fear when it comes to stating them. She's protective, generous, goofy, and loving. Terri shares my love of things vintage and funky, as well as my sarcastic sense of humor and ability to laugh at some of life's trials. She has become someone I can vent to about anything, while knowing that it won't go any further. She snarks with me and then we both feel better and life moves on! Both of these women bless me with their friendship. In fact, I am so grateful each and every day for The Derelicts at They truly bring a bright light to my life that has helped me through some really dark times.

Ok, enough sentimental crap. I don't do well with that stuff. Let's get to the cards, shall we? Let's start with Danni's, since it's her fault that the Derelicts have to put up with me (being as she invited me into the group and all. Those poor women didn't know what they were in for). Danni and I have a deal that works really well for both of us. We send handmade cards to each other, love all over them for a bit, then tear those puppies apart to use the goodies. Well, she has three boys, plus she loves stars and the color green. She's not a girlie girl, although she does appreciate some frillies. So, I wanted to make her a card with lots of stars and green on it. Here's what I came up with:
The image is from Elisabeth Bell. I tried a dot technique I learned on Dana's Inspirations blog. I added silver bling to it with my stardust pen. I'm still working on perfecting this technique. It's fun!

Ok, moving on to Terri's card. I've already told you that she likes funky and vintage. The crocheted flower on her card is from a vintage lacey thing that I cut up. The image is from the Greeting Farm. I love her; she's so funky and cute.

It's hard to tell, but there's pearls on each of the butterflies on her cake outfit. Images for both cards were colored with copics.

Ok, I've chatted enough for now. I've got a killer headache today. I had really hoped to make a card for the Digi Bells challenge. I picked my image and stamped it off. I picked the papers I want to use. I haven't gotten any further, because my head is killing me. I'm going to lay down for a bit, and then maybe give the challenge a shot.

Don't forget...stay posted for my combination birthday and blogaversary RAK. I think I have finally finished compiling everything. Maybe. I wasn't going to post about it until March 1, but I think I'm going to try to get it on here a bit early. I think I'm going to shoot for Saturday, so keep your eyes peeled. Trust me, it will be worth it. Lots of ribbon/trims, stamps, bling, two border punches, and other odds and ends. Goodies!


Kim Kelley said...

Love them both but really love the greeting farm image...way too cute. Love all the bling on the Liz Bell card! Just gorgeous DAHHHHLING

Starla B. said...

Beautiful cards, Gina!! I especially love the one for Terri, but you know how much I love that vintage style! =)

Brenda said...

Gina, your cards are gorgeous as always. I love that dot technique, love that crocheted flower!! Love to just read your posts, they always make me smile. I hope your headache is gone now.

Michelle said...

Ah... very cute Gina!! I wanted to thank you for your generous gift to Haeli. I am so excited to hear what she thinks when she gets all her cards and things.