Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spread the word, Theresa is fabulous and (almost) 50!!!

My friend Theresa turns 50 next month. Being the extremely generous soul that she is, she has put together a birthday candy to give out. Not just one candy, either. She's giving candy away to FIVE lucky people. It's super easy peesy to win, too. All you gotta do is blog about her candy (it's easy to talk about sweet people like T), put a link to it in your sidebar, and leave her a comment. Of course, you have to be a follower of her blog, too. It's worth it, though, and takes less time than you'd think. You can go to her blog here. And here's a pic of the goodies she's giving away:
Again, she said something about giving away MULTIPLE prizes! She's drawing winners on March 16. Get your butt over there and give it a shot!

Now, everyone knows by now how I tend to digress on my blog posts (and in real life conversations. Yes, I admit it). Well, I have been wondering how to put it out there that I'll be offering my own birthday candy next month. I figure that T and both have that "great minds think alike" thing going. However, she's more generous than I am. I only plan to share with one lucky follower, but it will be a HUGE share. It'll be my 39th birthday, so I figure I have to include at least 39 items, and maybe a few more for luck. I've been gathering stuff for my big birthday candy for a while now. I've got some new things, some almost new things from my stash, and pretty much just a little bit of everything. I hope to add more to it before I finally post the darned RAK. I plan on posting within the first week of March, and will draw the candy on my birthday, March 14. That'll give you two weeks to leave me a comment, add the candy to your sidebar, and follow my blog (if you aren't already). A pic of the RAK is coming. Stay tuned; I promise it will be worth it. For now, though, I return the limelight to Theresa. It's the big 5-0, people! Get over there and sing some birthday songs to Theresa!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, dear T, happy big 5-0 birthday to you! Fifty and fabulous!

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Claudia Rosa ~ Pretty Pressings said...

thanks for seeing me today and your lovely comment. I see you have 3 kitties :-)